"3 times the kind" 3-month mini-subscription


Want to do 3 times the good you do by ordering a bag of coffee from Anima Sana?

Do you love our delicious coffee and want to make sure you don't run out for the next three months? Want to give a wonderful gift to family, friends, colleagues, or an essential worker but don't want to commit to a whole year?

We are now offering a 3-month subscription with 100% of profits going to black and hispanic mental health causes.

The first shipment will go out the week of your order and the next two go out the first week of the following two months.

A discounted shipping price (as a thank you!) for the second and third shipments is included in the price. Normal shipping is $7, so 3 months would be $70.5. With the subscription, you get 3 months for $58+$7 shipping=$65.

You can choose between:
"Se Puede" our regular signature blend
"Riendas Tensas" our delicious decaf

If you are buying your subscription as a gift and would like it to go to someone else, please put their name and address in the notes.